Trust Token redeemer demo

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🎉🎉 Congratuations!

We found that your browser saved valid trust tokens issued by

This shows that you are a real human not a bot.

If you wanna try issuing a trust token again, you need to clear the issued token saved in your browser. Go to the Issuer demo and click the Clear token button at the bottom of the page.

Are you really a human?

  1. Checking if you are a human or a bot...
  2. Checking you have a trust token...
  3. Go to Trust Token Issuer to get a token!
  4. Trust token found!!
  5. Request redemption to issuer...
  6. Already cached.
  7. Verifying your trust token now...
  8. We found that you really are a human!!
  9. Failed to redeem token.